Uncertainty in Kosor

Uncertainty in Kosor

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Kosor denied claims that, when resigning as prime minister, Sanader told her that elections could not be won with legal money as a third should be raised “under the table”.

“I can’t remember details, but I have said that we didn’t discuss that. Sanader told me that there was a treasurer and that he was dealing with finances. As for under-the-table financing, I don’t remember that and I don’t think it was like that. Knowing myself, I would have asked him what it meant,” she said.

Kosor said that while she ran the HDZ the party’s presidency did not discuss the 2 million kuna and 300,000 euros which the treasurer Barisic had deposited in the party’s safe before leaving his post, and that she agreed with secretary-general Branko Bacic hand over the money to the DORH.

“That money was not spent and I thought that the presidency need not discuss it,” Kosor said.

The next hearing was set for July 9.

In addition to Sanader, Barisic and the HDZ as a legal entity, the accused in the case are former government spokesman Ratko Macek, former HDZ chief accountant Branka Pavosevic, and Fimi Media owner Nevenka Jurak.