Thompson to be paid

Thompson to be paid

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In one of the depositions, Barisic said Sanader decided that controversial singer Marko Perkovic Thompson should be paid 515,000 euros not to sing for any political party during election campaigns.

He said the money from the HDZ slush fund was also used to pay singers Miso Kovac and Nina Badric to sing at rallies on the HDZ campaign trail.

According to Barisic, Sanader personally supervised all HDZ payments and “not even a cent of the HDZ’s money” could be spent without Sanader’s consent.

According to statements at the last hearing, the illegal money was also used to finance the party, Sanader’s personal needs, election campaigns, the purchase of media, European lobbyists, the ruling coalition partners, the purchase of works of art to be given as gifts, and clothes of the government’s female staff.

After the last hearing, Sanader and his former spokesman Ratko Macek, the only defendants in the case who did not plead guilty, questioned the veracity of Barisic’s statements, which Sanader labelled as fiction.

Apart from Barisic, the defendants who pleaded guilty were former HDZ accountant Branka Pavosevic, Fimi Media owner Nevenka Jurak, and Marica Ivankovic, who represents the Fimi Media agency as a legal person