Potential whistleblowers

Potential whistleblowers

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In an attempt to fight corruption, a group of journalists in Serbia has launched Pistaljka (Whistle), a web portal through which Serbians can report suspected corruption while remaining protected from retaliation.

People who report corruption in Serbia, so-called whistleblowers, often find themselves in an unpleasant position after reporting allegations to the authorities.

Speaking at a press conference called to present Pistaljka to the public, the website’s editor Vladimir Radomirovic said that “any allegations or reports of suspected corrupt behavior will only be visible to the person sending the report and to those receiving and reviewing the information.”

He warned potential whistleblowers, however, not to report corruption from their workplace but from home or from public computers.

The country’s anti-corruption agency, which stands behind the Pistaljka project, is expected to decide shortly on a protection mechanism for those who report corruption from the workplace.

As the creators of the Web site explained, the whistle blowers reports of alleged corruption will be checked and verified by journalists and lawyers from the site.