Not adapting financial statements

Not adapting financial statements

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Answering questions from the prosecution, Kosor said that at the time when Sanader was prime minister the HDZ Presidency did not adopt a financial plan and an annual financial statement as was its obligation under the statute and that it never decided on investing in the media or on hiring singers in election campaigns.

“The party’s presidency never decided on which singers would be hired and how much they would be paid. I thought that sympathisers or members were performing for free,” Kosor said.

She said that Sanader decided on agendas of meetings and proposed conclusions of the presidency, adding that all decisions were made unanimously. She also said that she had no knowledge of how Sanader acquired a luxury BMW vehicle, which the prosecution claims was a gift from Robert Jezic, owner of the petrochemical company Dioki.

Responding to questions from the defence and the trial chamber, Kosor said that the HDZ had no reason to fill its slush fund with money illegally obtained from state institutions and companies because it was receiving enough from the state budget, membership fees and legal donations. She said that from 2003 to 2009, when according to the indictment the HDZ’s slush fund was filled via the Fimi Media agency, the party received about 230 million kuna from the state budget alone.